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Monday, August 17, 2009

A Cricket in my neck

Yes, son a "crick in my neck". That is what is causing me alot of pain. Here I was thinking that the painting brought this on, but in fact it was my computer. When I moved it into our new office/den space, the desk found a new home in front of the window. I did not want the monitor to be the focal point of the window, so I moved it to the side. Turning sideways to type is obviously not very healthy. The nerve endings in my neck are infected, and I am on a Motrin regimen for the next seven days. It is very painful, and I can barely move my left arm.

Other then that, my garbage disposal decided to go on the brink after I washed all my evening dishes. Yippee. Full of food, I had to reach in there hoping to find whatever stopped this thing from moving. No such luck. I never realized how much I wanted that thing to work up until now.

I was awoken by the phone ringing this morning. My husband was worried about Claudette. I did not even notice a storm last night, and never even woke up. So we faired pretty good, and there was not much rain today either. It has just been dark and grey, rather depressing. Great weather to finish up some things inside the house. However, I did notice that the bottom of my foot was swollen. I have obviously been bitten by something, and it hurts whenever I put pressure it. No Claudette, but a nasty little mosquito. What was he thinking?

So yes, I have a crick in my neck, and hopefully tomorrow it will be gone......all of it.
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