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Friday, September 4, 2009

A Movie and a Pedicure

Well, there goes my promise to sew every day. I did get there. I tried to turn on the power switch of my machine, but I just knew that the most important thing for me tonight was to take a break. Knowing that I would have to entertain the kids for three days, when all I want to do is sew is already hard enough. I needed to shut down, or power off. It also did not help that I woke up this morning with an earache and a footache. Darn these flat sandals in the summertime. Well, it was a tough decision whether or not to take the kids to the nail salon, so that I can spend my money on a great foot and back massage, or do it myself at home watching a movie. Of course, I decided to do it myself, and believe it or not, I was quite relaxed after giving myself a foot bath. Being able to just put my feet up for an hour and a half really did a world of good. Not to mention the hotti totti that helped my earache. I was entertained and happy.

I have become pretty obsessed with my electronic gagdetry (is that even a word) lately. Whether it is my Camera, Iphone, Ipod, Telephone or computer, I am spending way too much time with them. This explains my short and sometimes nonexistent blog entries. I mean seriously, between Facebook, Flickr, Etsy, 1000 markets, Mail, Calendars and whatever else I need to do on the computer, it amounts to alot of time every day. Now add up the amount of time spent on the phone, and it suddenly seems like half of my day is gone. I know now where all my free time is going. Of course, lets not forget that I am running this household alone, and to do it all by myself is harder then anyone can imagine, so gaining a bit more time has become my number one priority. I have decided that although I may not be on facebook every day, or blog every night, I will be doing something else. Hopefully that something else will be sewing or hugging my kids one more time before I put them to bed. Whatever it is, it will be important, like this blog. This blog is my journal, my daily thoughts, and my way of releasing anxiety by writing and contemplating my thoughts. It is also my inspiration, and my book of sewing notes, my photo album and a place to hear from friends.

In conclusion, I laughed tonight, relaxed, and got to share my feelings of the day, but no I did not sew.
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