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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sitting Duck

Happy Birthday to my brother-in-law, who has such a gorgeous family.

Well that was a good show of hormonal purge yesterday, now wasn't it? Sorry, the walls are attacking me at the moment. I have not slept more then five hours in the last three days, and last night was no different. All of a sudden, everything and everyone seems to want something from me, and my anxiety levels are climbing by the minute. Laundry, bills, my car, my shop, school, teachers, friends and much more all need me to finsih things, sign things, meet, etc......and I just cannot get anything done. I think this is the first time since school started where my schedule is full to the brim. I even turned off the telephone today and the computer to keep my sanity. Ha, what a joke.

My day started at 3:30am, when Olivia climbed into my bed, silently and quietly on my husbands side of the bed. At 4:30 I awoke because she was so restless, and again at 5:30 because she was laying right next to me. Like a zombie, I got out of bed, and began my morning routine. I made two breakfasts, two lunches, two snacks, and at the same time trying to get a sleepy little boy out of his bed. Poor baby. The bus comes at 6:30am and it is so hard for him to get up so early. So as we do every morning, we wait for the bus, and we wait, and wait, and wait. Finally after 25 minutes of waiting I call the school, and here comes the bus. I quickly turned my attention to Olivia, knowing that we were already behind schedule, which usually means I wont have time to do my hair or finish my makeup.
We made it to school five minutes late, and then I rushed to get home and begin emptying the furniture from Nicolas' room, in order for his bed to arrive and be set up in the afternoon. I worked so hard, that my back was killing me three hours later. At 12:20am a storm hit us, and it was really dark, pouring rain, and very windy. So I left early knowing the drive was going to be difficult. When I hit the main road, I could tell something was wrong. There was alot of traffic, and more 18 wheelers then I have ever seen in our little town. Before I could finish my thought, the traffic was standing. An hour later I arrived at her school. There was obviously an accident on the highway, and the traffic was being rerouted through our town. It was horrible. On the way home, I knew a shortcut, but what I did not know was that another accident stopped the traffic there too. In the meantime, my sons school called to tell me that the busses were leaving early, and to expect some of the kids to be home up to 10 minutes early. I panicked the entire way home. I just knew that Nicolas would be scared if mommy was not waiting for him. The busdrivers do not allow the kids to get off the bus unless we are waiting for them. A good policy, and definitely safe. Thank goodness I arrived 10 minutes early, but no bus. I tried calling the school again. The lines were busy. Of course, every parent in the world right now was trying to pick up their little ones. I quickly drove to the school, enraged, and way too emotional. I had been stuck in the car for two hours, and once again met up with bumper to bumper traffic. When I reached the school, thank goodness all the busses were still there. The police officers were all there as well, and had intended to escort the busses through the traffic. Ha, what a joke. They should have been out there directing the traffic instead. I pulled Nicolas off the bus, and together we went home safe and sound. I took a few Motrins, and laid on the couch for the next two hours trying to catch my breath.

A truck turned over and it was full with ammonia products, so the police were forced to close three exits including the Pensacola bridge. Thank goodness none of the gas leaked. I was just happy that the three of us were safe.

Next came Nicolas' bunkbed. The first time it arrived, three pieces were broken, so he did not get to sleep in his bed. This time, all the pieces looked great and they set the bed up rather quickly. Nicolas was so excited, and that made me happy. Of course, seeing Olivia up there just really got me nervous again, but I made sure to tell them the rules. If I catch them breaking the rules, then the bed will off limits all day, and I will lock up the room. I think they got my message. I even spied on them through the outside window to see if they were jumping on the bed. Nope, good as gold just sitting there and talking. So sweet.

I am incredibly tired. I have no energy left in me, and I am sitting in bed and it is only 8pm. However, I took the time to make a delicious dinner, and since it was late, we were all starving, and the kids ate everything. Even the zuccini. Before I went to bed, I sat outside and took a deep breath, and was pleasantly surprised when a young hawk landed on my fence. I have never seen one so close. Her poise was so elegant, and when took off flying after 10 minutes of eyeing my yard, her wingspan was beautiful. She seemed to just float through the air. I knew then that tomorrow was going to be alright.
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