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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Enough Monkeying around


October 8th, 2009

It is about time I finish a sewing project. I have been working with these monkey’s too long. So it here it goes.

Ottobre 4/2003 - #13 – size 92.
A good looking outfit, and I did not think I could pull it off. I hate collars. No I dread collars. Something always goes wrong, or the points don’t look crisp enough. In this case, it turned out pretty good. The collar facing was a bit big, but I tweaked it a bit and got it to look good. The sleeves are way too short – about 3 inches. However, if I decide to make it again, I will definitely go up a size or two. The pants fit just fine. I would probably lengthen them by 2 inches next time. I already lengthened them by an inch. The size 92 pants are perfect for my skinny little boy, who does not eat enough.

This project took me a bit longer then expected. A lot of things got in the way, and it was tedious. I am not a big fan of using interfacing in kids clothing, and wonder still if I should have left it out. I was worried that the collar and the front facing would not keep its’ shape so I put a lightweight HTC interfacing on one side, and I think it looks fine. So, now I can start cleaning my sewing room which has threads, scissors, fabric, scraps and you-name-it all over the place.

I had a great day. Olivia wanted to go to school today, so I put her in daycare for a few hours, and managed to get my bills paid, my checkbook balanced, my sewing done, clean the garage so my car could fit, bake chocolate chip cookies for the kids, discover a cute french singer, take wonderful pictures of my son, cook a delicious pot of vegetable soup (if I do say so myself), and most importantly spend another evening with the kids, and relax and write in my blog. Whew!!!! What’s next.? I need some inspiration. I will think about it tonight. Good Night and Hugs!

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