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Friday, November 20, 2009

Fix It Friday - wk 37




Our newest challenge this week.  I love to edit these pictures because I am trying to improve the look of most of the pictures I take of the kids.  This is a great way to practice.

1. Adjustments in Lightroom.
The exposure was great.  Recovery: 48
Vibrance: 19

2. To correct the face, I used the adjustment brush in Lightroom and increased the brightness.

3. Also corrected the Luminance
Red: 17
Orange: 9
Yellow: 19
Green: 17

4. In photoshop, I ran Jodi's MCP Action Fingerpaint to give the leaves a bit more pop.

5. I also ran MCP Skin actions to smooth out her blotchiness in the face, and changed the opacity to 31%.

6. I ran an unsharp mask and then created a duplicate layer with mask to brighten the eyes.
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