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Friday, November 20, 2009

Christmas Preparation


I cannot believe it is already Thanksgiving.  Goodness gracious where is the time going?  I feel so unproductive this year.  Getting ready for Christmas I will have to prepare myself with a list of things to do and start working on my calendar.  Even though it does not always help, it gives me a sense of less anxiety, when I can look at my list and mark off a few things that have already been accomplilshed.   Anyone have any great advice?

Here is my advice for a great Christmas.
Six years ago, I decided it was time to keep a Christmas Journal.  It is split into four sections:
I update it each year with new pictures and recipes.  I like to take pictures of my decorations, so that when I pull the 20 boxes down from the attic, I am not overwhelmed.  I also do not like looking for recipes each year.  I have a few that I use every year, such as Martha Stewart's Turkey (absolutely fabulous), my mother's red cabbage recipe, and my Thumbprints, which seem to be the favorite cookie with friends and family. I always try a few new recipes, and if we love them they go into the journal.   

I also jot down what I need to buy for next year, such as lights or new ornaments.  I love to look at the Christmas decorations, and I buy something new each year.  However, I found that in the past I was buying things I did not really need, so I keep notes now.

Of course, it would not be my journal without notes about what I sew in the past, and what needs to be sewn this year.  Sometimes I think of great ideas for Christmas dresses, and I know exactly where to keep my notes.

It is great to keep a Christmas journal.  It is such a hectic time of year, and every mom wants things to go smoothly, so the more organized you stay, the easier it will be.  I wonder if someone else does something similiar.
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