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Monday, December 14, 2009

Coupon Lady Beware


Nicolas was so excited, and could not wait to sleep in his new PJ's.  He has to wear them tomorrow, however I let him have his wish.  I love the pants, but I wish I was a bit more creative with the embroidery.

So, I ran into the queen of coupons today.  Not convenient at all.  I tried to accomplish a million things, as I always do on Mondays, so after the kids came home I ran some errands.  The kids behaved quite nicely, while I ran from one store to another grabbing odds and ends that I needed.  Last stop - the grocery store.  Now, I like to shop for produce and meats in one of the more expensive grocery stores.  I just like the fact that the blueberries taste like blueberries should, and that the meat looks and tastes good.  I try to avoid buying boxed or canned goods there because they are definitely more expensive then our local Walmart.  I also love the fact, that I can talk to the kids while I am in there, and get through the lines easily, and not have to fight the crowds.  So, I mosey on up to the cash register, where one lady was finishing up her shopping.  I pile my goods on the trolley thingy, and look to see her going through her wallet and a ton of coupons.  Ok, she was obviously thrifty, and I was not in a rush.  After waiting about 7-8 minutes and reading all the headlines from the magazines, I turn around to find out what is keeping us so long.  I peer over her shoulder and see her pull out a binder.   This was no ordinary binder.  Not the kind we lugged back and forth to school.  No this was a bank binder.  One of those 6inch binders they keep in bank vaults full of paperwork.  Everything was tabbed and neatly organized.  She started pulling out more coupons, and then what to my wondering eyes did appear????  Yes, another binder.  At this point, the kids were bugging me because they had to go to the bathroom, and there were four other patrons behind me.  At this point, I was no longer ready to stand there smiling, patiently waiting for my turn.  I huffed quite loudly,  tired of this ridiculous and inconsiderate behavior, but she did not even turn her head.  She was quite content saving her pennies.  I noticed that most of the coupons were printed out on paper.   By the time she finished, 21 minutes had gone by.  I let the cashier know that I was not at all happy about that.  She said that was nothing, they get far worse.  What????  I have never witnessed anything so idiotic in all my life.   If she was that obsessed with her coupons, then why didn't she locate them before she got to the cash register?  The cashier just smiled, and said  "In the time she wastes doing all that, she could get a real job, and her savings would be tenfold.  Alone the ink and paper she wastes is not worth the $12.00 she just saved. "
The moral of this story........beware of anyone carrying bags into a grocery store.  Just run as fast as you can, and get to the cash register first.
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