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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Merry Christmas to me!

I had no plans this weekend.  Although I still have gifts to wrap, and cookies to bake, I wanted to just relax with the kids, and not have a repeat of last weekend.  I got the house clean, the laundry washed, and I knew Olivia was getting so sick, so my ToDoList had to be cancelled.  This allowed me to spend as much time with the kids and not stress out.  Plus the weather forecast called for temperatures in the 40's and lots of rain.  No chasing the kids outside when I needed a minute to myself.  No shopping or going out to eat.   Just us and lots of arts and craft ideas to keep us busy.
I managed to put a few things together for Nicolas pajamas for his Polar Express outing next week, when all of the sudden the doorbell rang.  FedEx?  I was not expecting anything.  A very large box.  It was...yes indeed...it was my new computer.  I just laughed.  Well, I was not expecting this thing until the beginning of January.

I received a fantastic deal on this thing.  I ordered, and received an email two days later telling me that the new status was shipped.  9 days later I called Customer Service wanting to get a tracking number, and was told that the vendor made a mistake and that this item was on backorder for 30 days.  Frustrated at the retailer for giving me the wrong information, I raised you-know-what with them.  However, I was stuck.  I had a special coupon and Black Friday discount that was so phenomenal, that I could not back out.  It would have been stupid of me to go somewhere else.  So I waited.   Well, it turns out they were all wrong, the item had been shipped as was first told to me.  Even after two of their VP's called me, apologizing for the mistake that had been made, they were all wrong.  Yippee.

What did I get?  The iMac with a 27" monitor for a little over $1100.00.  If the packaging is any sign of what this baby is like, then I will love it.  No cords, clean easy to read instruction manuals, everything loaded, and the most awesome screen I have ever seen.  The mouse is unbelievable, and I am still playing with it.  My colors on my blog look great (if I do say so myself).   I am not so thrilled with this little keyboard.  I miss my number keypad.  I could type numbers blindfolded, after working in the acctg dept. for two years.  I will have to get used to it, or add a number keypad.  I do love the size and how flat this thing is.  It really makes my wrist feel good.  I did alot of research, and I hope I made the right decision.  It was not an easy choice.  In the end, I decided to go with the Imac, because I love to learn about computers, and I am a gadget junkie, so this was new, and supposidly alot of fun.  Plus my entire family loves the Mac's so why not try it.  Right?  I have 30 days to return this thing if I dont like it.  Now I just have to dowload a few programs and set up my passwords.

Hoping to get a few things done, so I am off and running.
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