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Sunday, December 13, 2009

That Christmas Moment.

Glimpse of Christmas
Glimpse of Christmas

I have been blogging about my german Christmas traditions since the beginning of December.  One of the most fascinating moments for both me and my children is when I pull out my german Christmas Pyramid.  It stands 3 feet tall, and when the candles burn, it spins for hours.  This is has been a family tradition passed down from generation to generation in our family.  The beauty is when I catch the children staring quietly in awe at all the wonderfully handcarved figurines that are present.  The top row has angels blowing their horns, the next level has the Nativity set, the third level has the three wise men and their camels, and the fourth level is full of guards protecting the birth of Jesus.  I cannot even begin to explain what this tradition means to me, and I hope I can pass it on to both of my children.

This is why we do it?  This is that wonderful moment that fills our heart with pure joy.  Yessssssss!  I did my job right.  That shine, that awe, that look in their eyes says it all.  I remember having that feeling as a child when my mom made our house shine at night with candles and pyramids aglow.  If anything, I know now that all the work I put towards Christmas decorations was well worth it.  The perfect memory was like a snapshot that stays forever in the back of our minds.  Christmas is beautiful and warm.  Christmas is for Children.

Today I received another wonderful gift from a customer of mine.  As a matter of fact, she was the last customer I had before I closed my shop.  BooHoo.  Yes I miss it.  She included this lovely photograph of her daughter with the nicest comment.   A gift.

Another gift is the one I am giving myself tonight by sewing.  I am almost finished, so I cannot show any pictures until tomorrow.  My son is going to love it, and I have enjoyed getting back on the machine.
.  Ok, enjoying White Christmas, my eggnog and my Bernina.  Good Night.
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