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Friday, January 29, 2010

Oh the trouble......

Things that made me happy today.......
- Spending some time with my own thoughts.
- Reminding myself that being mom is the toughest job ever but that I can do it.
- Throwing out all the markers I could find.

I have decided to set up my own blog under my domain name Kinder Kouture(http://kinder-kouture.com).  I will keep blogger going for awhile, but then close it down, and you will be linked to my own website.  I apologize now for the inconvenience this may cause, but in the end it will be better for everyone.

I love this picture, and it is perfect for today's mood.  The kids gave me one helluva night last night, and my morning was no better.  Olivia managed to color her new shirt with a blue marker she found, empty all my ribbons in my sewing room, take apart Nicolas' room, and spread out all her books and toys all over her room in the 30 minutes I spent in the kitchen cooking.  I put all of the markers away, but obviously one slipped through the cracks and was hiding somewhere.  When I asked her why she did that, she said she was bored.  After 5 hours of preschool, going to Target and the grocery store, playing with mommy outside, jumping on the trampoline for almost an hour, she decided she was bored.  I am not sure whether she realizes what she is saying, however as active as she is, it would not surprise me.  So once I calmed down, I took away her dolls and told her that if she is a good girl she can have them back.   Hugged her and put her to bed without reading books.   She fell asleep almost instantaneously, and joined me at one point in the middle of the night.  I awoke around 4:30am feeling somewhat drenched, because she had peed in the bed, and was drenched from head to toe.  I got up and stripped the bed, changed her clothing and laid her back into her bed to go back to sleep.  She knows that Daddy is not home, so she slips into his bed during the middle of the night alot.  I don't like it, but she has it down to a science where I do not wake up.  Annoying, but one of the battles I have learned to live with at this moment.  

Then my son.    He is six and yet every morning we go through a battle of getting ready in the morning.  I wake him up 45 minutes before the bus is due to arrive, and yet he still cannot manage getting dressed by himself.  I have a lazy one that is for sure.  I believe his teacher said "not independent", which would more accurately describe my child.  I have been taking him to school for the last three weeks due to the cold weather, and the fact that we all get another 35 minutes of sleep, a good breakfast, and I can take both kids at the same time to school.  However, this morning I told him that he needed to catch the bus.  I needed to take a shower and since yesterday's schedule was quite full, I did not get a chance to do it yesterday morning.  I woke him up quite early, and he was unwilling to get out of bed, but we managed to make it happen.  Ten minutes later I enter his room, only to find him playing with his toys.  I pull out his clothing, ask him if he wants pancakes for breakfast, and let him know the time again.  Five minutes later, I find him sitting on the floor unwilling to cooperate.  I know he wants me to take him to school, but I did ask him to cooperate with me.  Five more minutes, I find him crying.  "I am going to miss the bus mommy!"  I know this seems like a tear jerker to most mommy's, but I have gotten used to his "Pity Me" plays, and I was not at all enthused by his choice of actions.  I made it clear to him, that he would be late if he missed the schoolbus this morning, and that it was his fifth tardy, which meant staying after school for an hour.  His pace picked up and I left the room.  I decided to get into the shower, knowing that he would not make the bus, and since Olivia was still sleeping, that  would probably give me a few extra minutes to enjoy it.  I needed to enjoy it, and I did.   Yes, he missed the bus.  He supposidly could not get the front door open, but I know that is not true, because he has no problem with it when he rushes out the door to say hello to our neighbors.  So now I sit here trying to decide what kind of punishment I am going to give him.   I think he needs to spend the afternoon in his room.  I think there should be no tv.  I think he needs to know that I am mad.    I think his sassiness needs to be punished,  and then I need to deal with Olivia.   Wow, is it time to go to bed yet?  
Here we go heading into the weekend, and although I got plenty of rest this week, I am terrified of spending it with the kids.  It is going to rain again, so we will be stuck in the house.  I will have to keep a constant eye out on them, and find projects to keep them both entertained.  I know, keep my head up, look at things postively, and this too shall pass.  
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