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Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Hearts are in the right place.


Things that made me happy today.....
- friends checking in with us
- hugging with my son
- cleaning my closet
- pasta with fresh tomatoes, mozzerella, and spinach leaves
- ice cream for desert with fresh strawberries

I was supposed to post pictures of shapes all week, but needless to say my goal this week was not met except this pretty that I took on Wednesday.  Dont you just love these candies?  YUM.  I always buy several bags.  I may post another one tomorrow.  Sorry, my creative juices just left me this week.  I was definitely in a more serious "cleaning" type of mood all week.  Of course, now I dont even want to walk through the house and look at anything dirty.

I woke up a bit on the tired, lazy, almost sick feeling.  I had a hard time getting out of bed, and at the first available moment, I was down for a nap.  Finally this afternoon, I felt a bit of energy again, and decided to make dinner and mop the kitchen floor.  I also traced and cut out a pattern for my next project.  I would at least like to get it cut out tonight, even though I am determined to jump into bed as soon as I can.  Would someone please feed my kids breakfast tomorrow morning so I can sleep in.  What is that?  I have forgotten.

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