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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy Day

Things that made me happy today........
- being with good friends and surrounded by great food.
- going shopping with my daughter,
- Happy Birthday Dad,
- the excitement on the kids faces when they saw these huge coy fish
- wandering through the mall looking at children's clothing

Wow, what a busy day. I left after breakfast, and got back to pick up Nicolas from the bus, just to head back out, and return at 8pm. What were we doing?
First of all, we were invited to a brunch by a good friend, whose mother is in town visiting. I have heard for month's how well her mother can cook, and now I confirm that this is no rumor. We had fruit salad, curry chicken salad, a concoction I cannot repeat, scones, and a delicious raspberry tart. Delish........and well worth the wait.
Secondly, we rushed home to pick up Nicolas and head to the hospital for a hearing test. Nicolas passed with shining colors. No problems whatsoever. ??????? Makes you wonder.
Third, we headed towards the mall to get Nicolas a haircut. While we were there, I asked the nice lady to correct a few errors I found with Olivia's haircut. My goodness, that lady really chopped her hair. It just enrages me that I paid for a product that was so lousy, and I cannot return it. I want my money back! I paid the same amount tonight, and this time she looks like she got a really nice hairstyle.
Fourth, we grabbed a bite to eat. We took our time, enjoyed our dinner and I even let the kids have an ice cream as desert for being so patient all day.
Last but not least, I finally got to call my daddy and wish him a Happy Birthday. :o)
I am exhausted. Tomorrow, I am looking at the same busy schedule. I am exhausted just thinking about it. I guess I better go to bed and rest up. I will need it.

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