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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Guess who got a haircut????

No, it was not Nicolas!!! He needs it. No, it was our Little Miss Muffet....

Well, she decided to try it again. Yes, cut her own hair. She chopped her bangs, and on the right side all the hair from her eye to her ear. So I told her that now she has to get it cut. Not really. She only needed a trim, but I wanted to make her sad. She did not like the idea of getting her hair cut. So off we went, and I told the lady to get rid of the dead ends, and cut her bangs to make them look decent. What could I do?

y little devil always finds something to get my blood pressure up. I swear that girl is going to put me in the Looney Bin. But as rough around the edges as she is, she is also like a little lovable stuffed animal. Always wanting to talk and give hugs. How can you stay mad at something like that? Well, I say that now, but believe me it is not hard.
I took her to the doctor this morning, since she kept me up from 4-6am with her constant itching. Her butt was as red as a rose by the time I got out of bed. The doctor confirmed a sinus infection, and put her on a small dose of steroids to get rid of the hives. I think three days of itching was enough for the both of us. I still have no idea what it was or what it is, but I will keep my eyes open. I am keeping her off of all milk products, and then I wll change our fabric softener (probably do without it altogether). Otherwise I will have to take her to the allergist to get tested.

In the meantime, I asked our pediatrician to get the ball rolling about Nicolas. She agreed with me that he fits the frame for an ADD child. The schools tested him first thing on vision and hearing, and guess what? He failed both exams. Of course, that took me totally by surprise, and I can't help but think that maybe his sickness last week had something to do with it. So, tomorrow I take him to a specialist. I had to explain to him that we are all working together to make sure he is totally healthy - just as we want it to be. Don't want to get him anxious about anything. He thought he passed both exams. Poor baby. This really has me curious as to what kind of problems we are about to encounter.

So needless to say, I had a busy day. A typical day in Jeannine's life. Gosh I miss the good old boring days, when I spent every Saturday cleaning, and every Sunday sewing. Tossing myself on the couch to knit with a thick fur blanket and just relaxing. Oh well, no time to dwell in the past, life must go on, and the litte monsters need dinner to be fixed, medicine to be picked up, and then baths. Here is one more picture of Olivia in her outfit. I really love it and cannot wait to start on the next one.

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