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Monday, April 12, 2010

Decorating from the inside out

Today started with a hiccup - both kids were up and coughing.  Hoarse voices, stuffy noses, and loose coughs led me to believe that both children were once again affected with something viral.  No fevers though.  I attempted to give both of them some Sudafed and low and behold they both felt better.  Seriously, the pollen levels are astronomical right now.  A neighbor, also a pediatrician nurse told me the levels were currently at a 5000 count.  Oak Trees are to blame. It is unbelievable, and since we have not had any rain in the last three weeks, it just makes matters worse.   I don't doubt that the kids have a cold, but combine that with allergies, and it sounds worse then it actually is.  The problem is knowing what medications to  give them.  I always ask a pharmacist or my doctor to be on the safe  side.  So we drove to school, and I dropped both of them off.

Ahhhhh......alone at last. I took my time wandering through Target admiring all of the Liberty of Lawn items.  I just love looking at their prints, and I think it is so much fun the way they put it  on everything from dresses, garden shoes and household items like plates and cups.  Of course, I could not wait to buy some of their outside pillows, as well as some gardening supplies.  Once I did, I went home, unpacked my groceries, and went straight to work.

I don't have a green thumb, but I love spring, and I can't help but spend one day a year decorating my outside patio.  For me, the porch is another room of the house, thus it too has to be cleaned and decorated.   Combine some lovely pillows with beautiful blooms, candles and color, and your house has a beautiful room that you can enjoy throughout the entire summer season.  The kids learn alot watching me plant flowers and shrubs, tomatoes and basil.  I show them how wonderful the thyme and oregano smells.  I want them to appreciate how great it is to grow your own veggies.  If I knew that I would be home over the summer months, I would definitely grow bell peppers, lettuce and zuccini.  YUM.  I am envious of anyone who has a vegetable garden. 

I am sitting on my porch, admiring the work we have done in our yard.  This is the second house that we've bought and landscaped by ourselves.  We moved into this house, and there were only two oak trees, an ugly fence and tons of grass.  Each year around my birthday, I spend $100-$150 and buy trees, bushes, and whatever else is necessary to make the yard look better.  Stepping stones, boxwood, roses, evergreens, peach and pear trees, borders, lights, and you finally get the feeling that the yard has been loved.  It saddens me that we always have to leave around the same time the yard matures.  Just when we think we have completed everything, and our trees are bearing fruit, we get orders to move once again.  The reason I do it is simple, because I  hope that whoever buys the house will love it as much as we do.   That is what happened during our last house sale.  The owners fell in love with the backyard.  All the work paid off.

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