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Friday, May 22, 2009

STATUS: Absolutely Wonderful!

I was hoping to get something written tonight, since I started this so early, but between the kids, the phone and IM Messenger, it is already 11PM again.  So I am making this short.  Here are a few things I have collected over the day.  Some gorgeous creations made by others, and some very nice blogs to visit.  I will have more tomorrow.  I cut out about six different outfits today, so I will have plenty to show during the week.  Especially since we have been plagued with a rainy Memorial Day weekend thanks to this tropical depression hanging around the Gulf of Mexico.  There is nothing worse then being stuck inside the house three days with two toddlers.  I will let you know how things go.
I also found this lovely on Flickr

I found a nice new blog to read today.  I loved her pictures on Flickr, and will show you some of her creations.  The blog is called Sweeter then cupcakes.  Go read and have some fun.
Found this lovely inspirational outfit being sold on Ebay.

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