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Friday, June 5, 2009

Capturing a Moment

My son graduated from PreSchool yesterday evening, getting an award for the "Most Polite" student in his class.  It was a special moment for him and us.  We watched as he sang and chanted with his friends and teachers, realizing that a very special year was coming to a close.  I don't think the children had any idea how their lives were about to change, and how their routines were suddenly going to stop, as they laughed one last time.  Smiles, hugs and tears were evident in that room last night.  When I look at all the faces and the pictures, I wish I could capture this moment of innocence forever in the kids.  

This year has brought me a new awareness about my son, alot of new friends, and an excitement to watch him grow.  I am sad that it is ending and I hope that we keep in touch with all of our friends for a long time.  I hope most of all that my son will realize how lucky he has been this year, and that maybe next year will be even more exciting.

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