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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Coming Together

Yup, it surely is. However, have you ever noticed when you go shopping for boys that it is the same stuff you see over and over again? I am tired of seeing Steve McQueen or the blue from Nemo. What about orange and grey, or blue and green, or black and red. It is really hard to find nice things for boys that are a little different. I would love to find some bright orange accessories to add to this color scheme. If anyone knows something that I dont, please comment. The above picture is a set of green sheets that I found in the girl section and a blue retro dot that I found in the boy section. Put them together, and add snaps at the bottom and you have a duvet cover that is perfect. I will have to go back to Walmart and get another set for the second bed. I put the duvet cover together and sewed it in less then an hour and whats even better is that I paid less then $30 for it, which includes two fitted sheets and two twin pillowcases. Now thats a deal! In the morning I just have to shake the cover, fold it and lay it on top of his bed. No tucking in the sheets or pulling on each side to line it up. I love it.

The fabrics from Yvonnes Buntefabrics arrived, and I am delighted to say the least. I love all of them, and cannot wait to figure out something I will sew with the. Any ideas. Oh, I know the pink and red dots are going to come in very handy. If I just finish this project this weekend then I will be home free.

Tonight we are off to another birthday party. This is the fourth one in less then four weeks. It is getting a bit expensive. Makes me wonder if everyone will show up for Nicolas' birthday next month? Oh well, we said we were going to keep it small this year. He will be six, and I don't think I need to spend $300 each year on a birthday party. The bed is costing enough. The funny thing is that he does not even remember his birthday party from last year! Just goes to show you.

I leave with you with a gorgeous photo I found on a very nice blog. I will be sure to catch up on my reading this weekend and post more then.

Found this on The Highest Form of Flattery.
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