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Monday, August 3, 2009

Give me a world of colors

I love colors. Give me a a palette of blues and browns, or red with turquoise, yellow with pink, and you will catch me staring at whatever it is. I have always admired the people who put rooms together or clothing for that matter, and include a wonderful spectrum of colors. A white room with a pink armoire, turquoise walls with red and white furniture, or an orange and pink summer print dress. All of these things catch my eye, and I want to own them.

My home on the other hand is quite bland. I have off white walls, wooden furniture, black leather sofas and lots of glass. However, I can always add color no matter what season or what trends tend to catch my eye. I have learned that its best to stick to neutrals when you move as much as I do, and the furniture cannot be labeled "Living room table" or "den desk". Every armoire I own (six total) has lived a differnent life in a different room. My old bedroom armoire is now my storing and hiding my living room TV.My antique chest of drawers, which once harbored winter mittens, hats and dog leashes in the entrance, now stores candles and dining room linens in the Living room.

So although I have found the perfect solution to my "practical side" of decorating, the "pretty side" is always evolving. The colors I long to have in my house, are not on my walls, but only in my seasonal accents. One day, I too will own a house that will be forever mine, and forever evolving. And when I do, I will find the colors that suit my personality.

In the meantime, I will continue to stare at my lovely stash of colored fabric, imagining what to put together and adore everyone's gorgeous creations.

Can I please place these colors in a little girls dress. Very cute bag.

Cute empire top done up a bit differently.

Another cute one.

Posted by Magnolia Blossoms

Cute, Cute and Cute.

Oh, I never tire of looking at her site. She has more talent then I could only dream of.

Posted by iinu.
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