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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Scammed! on Craigslist

Does anyone know how to scam a scam artist? If so, please don't hesitate to tell me. Because I would love to get that JA right where it hurts. It all began, when I posted my sons bed on Craigslist. I got alot of questions, and I had two very good contenders. Finally one buyer bit, and told me that he would be sending me a Cashiers Check. According to the many emails, he was closing on a house in the area, and needed a bedroom set for his son. No problem. After three days, he asked me if I was willing to pay the shipping company when they picked up the bed, and he would include the money in the check. I thought nothing of it because I have moved enough to know that an extra $50 will get them to do alot of things, like dropping carpet off at the dump, or picking up plants in storage. So finally the day came, and I received an email that the check had been mailed. I was given a UPS Tracking number. However, the fact that the check was $3000 instead of $300 as originally discussed immediately raised red flags. The email said that I should forward the other $2700 onto a shipper in Lithuania, Georgia. At that moment I knew it was a scam, and I called the police, who by the way did nothing. Words of advise were as follows: "Don't use Craigslist!". Yes, a real positive type of person. Don't get me started. The funny thing is that my husband who called me from Kuwait, said "Honey, calm down, there really is a Lithuania in Georgia". I laughed at that one, because I just could not make any sense out of the whole thing. Even my mom said it would be really funny if this was a completely legitimate transaction. Of course it was not, and the police officer said that this person is either hoping that you cash the check, and will have your bank info to rob you, or he is hoping that I would forward the cash before the check actually clears. I was actually more worried that a container would show up at my doorstep in which I would load the bed. My name all over the paperwork, and customs would find it full of guns or drugs. So then I laughed again when the scam artist had the nerve to tell me that my behavior was rude, because the check was due to arrive in a few minutes, and arrive it did. A check for moi for $3000.00.

I am not sure whether to be more angry that I lost the $300 or that someone tried to pull a fast one on me. All I could think of was revenge. I thought about opening up a new bank account, and cashing the check just to see whether or not it was real. Then I could just take my $300, forward the rest back to the person who mailed it to me, and tell that SOB he can come fetch his bed. Wouldn't that be sweet? Better then a hot fudge Sundae.

Another pretty I found while blogging and scimming through pages of Etsy. What a beautiful model.
Fall 09...LouLou the ZEBRA in Blue.....GingerLouise Clothing
Cute blouse and lovely fabric. Found in this Etsy site.
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