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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wordy Wednesday.

Things that made me happy today….
  • Olivias I love you Mommy.
  • Easy going morning.
  • Sewing.
Today was anything but productive.  I hope last week made up for my lack of initiative this week.  I am in the mood for nothing today.  I sat on the computer until my arm was going to fall off.  However, I did have fun with a few things I found.
Has anyone heard TUMBLR?  No neither did I until I visited the Bloggie Awards site today.   That is a great site too.  They nominate blogs for all sorts of categories.  Well, anyways, it led me to Tumblr. - a new blog site.  It took me all morning to figure it out, but I decided to test it and well take a look for yourself  TUMBLR.  I have gone back and forth all day asking myself if I really wanted to switch up blogs again, but this one is very interesting.  It is sort of mix between Facebook, blogger, and Flickr.  I love that the pictures download as a slideshow.  I also love that you can text from your phone, and that every entry falls underneath the same date.  I go back and forth to my blog all day.  I edit alot.  I love to post inspirational posts and websites that I love.  This site allows you to do all that.  They have a ton of themes you can choose from, and seriously almost too many for my taste.  However, a blog is a big deal.  At least for me.  Enjoy.
The below dress was made by Sew Me Sane, and she posted a wonderful tutorial on her website.  Well worth the visit.

  Come and see Sew Me Sane.

Anyone looking for a new pattern.  Meet Miss Mary.
More details can be seen right here.

What a pretty pattern.  Do I need it?  Oh absolutely.

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